Beware Today’s Youthful Customers from your Managed Print Services Professionals

They are – the millennials – shopping in the stores of their choice and texting to their friends what is hot and what is not. The retailer has almost no sway in their merchandise preferences. These young consumers have a fully symbiotic relationship with the digital world around them.

Of course this group is very adept at technology and takes technology for granted. Because of their obsession to use technology such as a smart phone at all times – they have become iconoclastic and anti-social.

These are a generation that has little loyalty to brands and often shifts from one brand to another. They shop the Internet and many of their cyber purchases are made at odd hours during the night.

It will be a huge challenge for retailers to harness traditional shopping ways. Retailers will have to make changes in services, store hours, deliveries, information, and secure payments to keep this young ones buying.  

Here is a video that helps you understand the Millenials …

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