Business Tips from the Document Management Professionals

The following business tips are presented to you by ACECopiers your Document Management professionals.

People primarily work to earn a living.
But people work harder, longer and better when they see the purpose behind their work.
People are not machines, not everyone is motivated by money or power.

Not every team member gets excited by hitting the monthly budget, or by closing another deal.

To bring out the best in each employee, you have to acknowledge this reality.

Most organisations don’t have the energy or initiative to do this, which is why they end up with barely ordinary performance levels.

 Get to know you team !!

 ACECopiers offer the following Document Management System called “File Bound Express” …

  • Document Integrity – documents properly stores in Express can never by misfiled or lost and eliminates the cost and lost productivity associated with finding them.
  • Document Security – documents stored in Express are secure, with configurable security policies, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected.
  • Document Access – Express is a multi-user system and provides distributed access to documents any time you need them, right at the user’s desktop.
  • Disaster Recovery – Express makes it easy to create and maintain backup copies of critical documents, thereby providing quick recovery in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Express provides the functionality to address the legal requirements to protect private information and documents.

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