IT & Document Management

Managed IT Services Solutions:

  • Customised solution to best support your business needs

  • 24x7 performance monitoring of your key devices, applications and IT resources

  • Remote and onsite maintenance services

  • Comprehensive reporting, analysis and consultation

  • Greater transparency into IT performance, trends and planning

  • Network and system stability and safety

  • Security plan and services

  • Desktop services

  • Helpdesk services for users

  • Data protection through backup solution

  • Effective planning for functionality, capacity and performance

  • Application support with 3rd party vendors

Have you ever lost a document?

File BoundExpress will make sure you never lose one again.
PLUS file and find documents FASTER!

Simply plug the File Bound Express appliance into your network and instantly
begin realising the benefits of your own full-featured document management system. Suitable for the following applications (not limited to):

  • Accounting

  • Medical Records

  • Human Resources

  • Client Files

  • Student Records

  • Government Records

File Bound Express provides:

Document Integrity - documents properly stores in express can never by misfiled or lost and eliminates the cost and lost productivity associated with finding them.

Document Security - documents stored in express are secure, with configurable security policies, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected.

Document Access - express is a multi-user system and provides distributed access to documents any time you need them, right at the user’s desktop.

Disaster Recovery - express makes it easy to create and maintain backup copies of critical documents, thereby providing quick recovery in the event of a natural disaster.

Regulatory Compliance - express provides the functionality to address the legal requirements to protect private information and documents.

A quick simple phone call is all it will take to get your file management system in order.

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