Managed Print Services enhance the efficiency of businesses

Despite the transition to a digitisation of paper workflows, many organisations are struggling to integrate paper and digital information. A recent Quocirca study amongst 210 organisations revealed that 40% of organisations plan to increase their spending on workflow automation, but that there is also much progress to be made – and it is primarily those that use a managed print service (MPS) that are most confident of their digitisation initiatives. managed print servicesOrganisations remain reliant on printing. Quocirca’s research reveals that overall, 30% of organisations view printing as critical to their business processes – this rises to 73% for financial services, followed by 41% for the public sector.  Given the financial and environmental implications of a continued dependence on printing – not to mention the inherent inefficiencies with paper-based processes – 72% of organisations indicated that they are planning to increase their digitisation efforts, and many are using their MPS providers to support this transition. Today, MPS has moved beyond the realms of hardware consolidation to encompass a much broader strategy to drive business efficiency around paper-dependent processes. With cost remaining a top driver for most MPS engagements, many MPS customers are seeing significant cost reductions not only through a rationalised printer fleet, but also through the implementation of solutions that reduce or eliminate wasteful printing and better integrate document workflows. Businesses looking to start or extend their MPS journey should look for an MPS provider that can have a truly transformative business impact. MPS is no longer just about devices; it has the potential to help organisations focus on their core business and innovate and not be hindered by slow, manual paper based processes. This demands a new kind of MPS provider that can not only tame the complexity of the print infrastructure, but also has the expertise, resources and tools to accelerate paper to digital initiatives. Tech distributors can do more to push the growing managed print services business model and better support their customers, say experts. People are becoming more aware of the demand for better control for cost in print. They are able to utilise their low cost shipment of consumables to provide real savings compared to traditional methods. To learn more about managed print services and to see how Ace Copiers and IT Services can help your business go to