Superior Document Solutions From Lanier MFP Range

lanier printers distributorThink about the last time you had to print something for your company. Was it a simple task or were there technical difficulties? How long did it take?How well do documents flow through your business? If your printer takes ages to perform simple tasks like faxing, copying and, of course, printing, maybe it’s time for a system! Investment in a multifunction document system from Lanier can improve the flow, accessibility and security of documents in your business while achieving productivity gains, cost reductions and regulatory compliance.

Lanier How To – How to load paper (Trays, Automatic Document Feeder, and Bypass tray)

Lanier How To – How to load paper (Trays, Automatic Document Feeder, and Bypass tray)

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Lanier printers are ideally suited to small workgroups and businesses. Many users consider Lanier brand systems easier to use than those of other brands. Lanier printers combine the ultimate in reliability, ease-of-use, and print quality in a compact and affordable package. With outstanding print quality resolution as high as 1200 dpi, they make high quality desktop publishing possible for everyone. Black-and-white and bold, full-color digital copiers from Lanier deliver excellent image quality at a wide range of speeds. The flexible, modular designs of the copiers let you add new capabilities such as high-speed network printing, faxing or booklet-making at any time.

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